Mongkol Plienbangchang( Thailand )

Mongkol is a painter,poet and performance artist from Thailand. He has performed since 1995.He  is part of ASIATOPIA’s committee and has always been involved in art & social movements groups. His performances are usually very intence. He has published 2 books of his drawings and poems “Inner & Outer” and “The Man Number Zero”.

He has performed in many performance art events & festivals. Both in Thailand and around Asia. He has performed in Japan,Australia,Indonesia,Hong Kong,Macau,Korea,Myanmar, The Phillipines,Vietnam and China. He also participated in Poland’s International art Festival ‘Interakcje’ at Piotrkow Trybunalski anf The 8th OPEN International Performance Art Festival in Beijing;China.

Mongkol recently travelled to Indonesia to participate in The 2nd Jatiwangi Arts Festival 2008 at Jatiwangi Art Factory, west java and also PERFURBANCE #4; International group performance art festival that took place at ‘Krinjing village in Java,Indonesia and a short residency performance event at Rosid Studio in Bandung,Indonesia. And SingaporeMoe Satt is founder and organizer of Beyond Pressure. He lives and works in Yangon, Myanmar. He started to exhibit his concepts and deliver his art works in 2005 after graduating with a Bachelor of Sciences (Zoology).He has traveled and participated in several performance art festivals in Myanmar and internationally in Thailand, China, Indonesia, Philippine. He also had artist in residency in Malaysia and  S-Korea. His recently performance art pieces are tried to combine with hand and something.