Moe Satt (Myanmar)

Born in 20 July 1983, Yangon, Myanmar
He is Visual & Performance Artist as well as the founder & organizer of Beyond Pressure international festival of performance art in Yangon, Myanmar where he lives and works. He began to present their works of art after his graduation in 2005 Bachelor of Sciences (Zoology). He used to be a performance artist showing his art works in the galleries and the on the pavements of Yangon. He participated in several performance art festivals in Myanmar (Beyond Pressure), Thailand (Asiatopia), China (Open), Malaysia (Open Street), Indonesia (Perforbunce), Phillipine (TAMA), S-Korea (Gwangju IPAF) (KEAF), Japan (MCAF), India (KHOJ), Combodia (PETA Mekong), Vietnam (In-Act), London (Artevict), Poland (Interakcje), Liechtenstein (Multilog) & Canada (live biennale). Their works in performance involves hands as the main expression. He has also an artist in residency at Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia. Hooyong Performing Art Center, S-Korea. Ground of Zenkoji Temple, Japan & 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Japan.